Scambaiting IV ½

Hier wie versprochen meine Antwort auf Käptn Iglos Mail. Ich bevorzuge ja das Geld direkt aus dem Koffer zu nehmen 😉

Dear Captain,
i would suggest we share the 50.000 US$ 50:50 after you arrive here in Brazil. Sadly i can’t travel to spain this weekend as i do not have a passport yet and it’s surely hard to get a flight. However; i would agree to travel on first of April, if that will fit for you or maybe there is a later consul traveling to spain.
How should the money be paid? I think the best way is to wait for the consul and open the sealed correspondence and pay directly from the cash. That’s surely the most easiest way. I attached my brazilian ID card to this email. As of now i do not have a passport. It took me 30 minutes yesterday to wait in the copy  shop for my passport to be scanned :-(
My ID card is attached to the email containing ID-number and Tax-ID (CPF).
If you have further questions, please let me know.
Cristian Baiter
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