Scambaiting III ½

Jaja, Käpt’n Iglo will ja, dass ich nach Spanien fahre. Das ist ja soweit kein Problem. Aber erstmal soll er seinen Ausweis schicken, bevor wir unseren rausrücken. Ich freue mich schon auf die schlechteste Ausweisfälschung – made my mspaint.exe 🙂

Inzwischen habe ich doch eine kleine Antwort getippselt und freue mich, ihn auch als Immobilienmakler unterstützen zu können 😉

Dear Captain,

i’m sorry for the delay of answering i just got back to the computer today. However thanks for all informations. A trip to Spain is a long way but however i’d like to go there to recieve your money. Valencia is a beautiful city.

I’d like – however – to know if my property is included in that 30% or if the price goes extra (as we are talking about 350.000 $), i’d like to have it extra. I’d love to make business with you as it would be able to open another supermarket store in Salvador, Brazil. As of now i only own one store with 900 m2. I’d love to open another one.

If you’re over here in Brazil i’d love if you can help me finding places to build, if you want to start as a real estate broker. Maybe i can help you too.

However here are the data requested:

1. Mr. Sanchos Cristian Baiter
2.  I’m 42 years old and a store keeper of one supermarket store with food corner in Brazil.

Before sending you over a scanned copy of my passport (i even do not have one scanner here, i’d need to do that in a internet store as mine is broken), i’d kindly asking that you will send a clean copy of your identification first. A copy of the passport is ok, the military id card should do the same. As you might know: Trust is a weakness in the internet.

Please let me also know which day i should go to spain and where to meet you. I would need to check out the flights to there already and mark a booking. Please also let me know how to get the cash for you and how to proceed.

If you start your business here i can offer you a small office in the bottom of the supermarket which you can use. I’ll send you pictures the next days if you are interessted.

Thanks in advice.


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