Scambaiter III – Heute: Dear Nachname :-)

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Cap’n Crunch is back, wieder mit einer Standardmail aus dem Textbausteinkasten – die werde ich ihm in Kürze vermiesen, heute fehlt für eine Antwort aber etwas die Zeit. Schade.

Aber um meine Antwort trotzdem in die Mail zu fummeln: Erstmal wollen wir seinen Ausweis sehen (getreut dem Motto: Trust is a weakness). Ansonsten bin ich ihm gerneeee behilflich 🙂

Mal schauen, wo die Scambaiter Ihre Ausweise so generieren, ich glaube kaum dass der bekannte onlinewahn Generator der richtige ist. Wobei die Ausweise von denen meist auch aussehen, als wären Sie einem alten YPS-Heft entsprungen.

Aspropos YPS-Heft. Wer meint, Leute aus Afrika zu veräppeln sei gemein dem sei gesagt:

ICH DARF DAS !!!!111111einself

Dear  Baiter,

Thanks for your message.Please note that i have contacted you in good faith and this  proposal is for the mutual benefit of the both of us.My story might sound fairy but believe me it is true.

I decided to contact you because of two reasons.One i am a soldier and we live on the verge of death everyday and that means anything can happen to me here.If that happens the Red Cross will just take the money and reap where they did not sow.Second i contacted you because i want to move over to your country after our service here.This is why i am interested in spending the rest of my life in your country outside the confines of  the USA.

When i come to your country,i want to invest in Real Estate.I am interested in real estate because it is the only business i feel my money shall be save.This means i contacted you to serve as partner in receiving my money and also offering me the best in real estate
business.You should understand that i want a close relationship with you because if anything happens to me here,then you shall take care of my two daughters for me.Hope you understand what i am saying.Sure i am going to need your properties but they are not enough.You have to locate other properties i have to buy equal to the amount of the money i have and we shall use the money and buy the properties thereby having a legal transfer of the money to you.

We shall have a memorandum of understanding and i will also give you a power of attorney to act on my behalf.This power of attorney shall give you a total leverage to manage my estate for me until i come out of here to meet you with my daughters.Also note that %30 of this money is yours.

The conclusion of this transfer shall require you to go to Spain.Like i said in my former message to you,the money is secured in the diplomatic vault of the Red Cross here in the far east.The moment i finalize with you and you assure me of your ability and sincerity to
handle this,i shall have the money delivered in cash and packaged in a vault to Spain.I shall also contract a diplomat who shall assist in the delivery and transfer of the money.The Red Cross delivery jet is under a diplomatic immunity and therefore we shall have a safe delivery of the vault to Valencia in Spain.The destination is Spain because that is where the Diplomat and the Red cross has an affiliate relationship with a bank from which the transfer of the money shall be made.All you need is to proceed to Spain to meet the diplomat the moment he arrives and he will help you transfer the money into the accounts you shall provide under a diplomatic watch eye and immunity.

Before this,we shall have a preliminary agreement that the money is been used to pay for properties and so it shall be transferred without questions into your account.This arrangement is sealed and without lapses.All i need is the following information from you and we shall proceed.


The moment i have this information,we shall proceed with the POA and the Agreement letter guarding our relationship so that this business can be concluded in our mutual benefit.

Best regard,
Capt.Adam Weece.

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